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The effectiveness of flossing is now under attack according to a study conducted by the Associated Press (credit: Shutterstock)

Flossing: good, bad or just pointless?

In the past few weeks an investigation conducted by the Associated Press (AP) caused the US Government to acknowledge that “the effectiveness of flossing had never been researched,” which raised many questions, the most obvious...

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This spectacular picture shows the far side of the Moon as it crosses the DSCOVR satellite and Earth (credit: NASA/NOAA).

What does the solar system sound like?

Monica Grady, The Open University “In space, no one can hear you scream” was the tagline of the 1979 box office film success Alien. And it’s true. Sound waves propagate mechanically as a vibration...

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Two new species of ant described

  One minute round-up: Eli Sarnat joins to discuss his recent publication in PLOS ONE: Inordinate Spinescence: Taxonomic Revision and Microtomography of the Pheidole cervicornis Species Group (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) 132 total views, no views today

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Human-induced loss of Earth's biodiversity is driving the planet's sixth mass extinction (credit: Reuters)

Faisal Hossain: Water Managers and Water Resources

  One minute round-up: Faisal Hossain joins Science Nutshell to discuss his recent publication in PLOS ONE: What Do Experienced Water Managers Think of Water Resources of Our Nation and Its Management Infrastructure? 128 total views,...

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Actinomycetes and antibiotics

Antibiotics have been used since the discovery of penicillin in 1929, generating a multibillion pound industry. They are the initial weapon to use against bacterial infections regardless of the rise of resistant bacterial strains...

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