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This page is for communication teams representing universities, journals, research institutes and other organisations. If you are a researcher or science writer and want to add articles as an individual please click here.


Posting your latest research and news on Science Nutshell is free and has the potential to allow your articles to be picked up by a variety of websites and media outlets. We do not edit articles and all content is published under a Creative Commons licence.

The aim of Science Nutshell is for visitors to quickly find and read the scientific news of interest to them. It is also a platform aimed at science journalists and media outlets, with our unique short summaries and free to access content creating a great place for them to source material.

Creating an account

For your group (e.g., university, department or organisation), create an account by clicking here. You can add articles straight away, but please read the guidelines below before starting.

Adding articles

  • Before adding your first post, click on ‘your profile’ and add relevant information about your institution/group
  • To add an article click on ‘posts’ and then ‘add new’
  • Articles are limited to 2000 characters (about 330 words)
  • If basing an article on a press release please edit so that it fits into this format.
  • Article title should be under 100 characters
  • Please avoid technical terms and aim your article at a general reader
  • Ideally articles should be 2-5 paragraphs and contain a maximum of 2 figures/photos
  • Please make sure you have permission to use any images/figures
  • Add a photo/figure caption if appropriate
  • Add appropriate categories and tags on the right hand side
  • Add a ‘feature image’ – this will appear on the homepage
  • Add a ‘focus keyphrase’ beneath the article
  • At the end of the post, add a link to the corresponding journal article if applicable (DOI if possible)
  • Click publish and your article will go live on the site