New Mums asked about post natal checks

New mums’ 6 week post natal checks are inadequate. That’s according to new research carried out by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) charity and parent internet support group Netmums. Four thousand mums were asked about their experiences and 45% reported that this standard appointment was not thorough enough, with 29% revealing they were not asked by their GP about their emotional wellbeing.

The 6 week post natal check is designed to ensure new mothers are recovering from labour and managing the demands of a newborn. It is an opportunity to screen for Post Natal Depression early on but 20% of the women surveyed said they were ‘too embarrassed to admit they were struggling’.

According to the NHS Choices website, women can expect to have their urine tested, weight measured and blood pressure checked at the post natal appointment but the NCT and Netmums members’ experiences greatly varied and lacked consistency with only 11% having their urine checked. Netmums editor in chief, Cathy Ranson, was quoted in the Daily Mail saying ‘The check is a vital safety net, but this system isn’t working. Investing a little more time and money could pick up serious emotional and psychological issues much earlier, saving the NHS millions in treatment costs later.’

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