A Dose of Pseudoscience – ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’

Alternative medicine […] has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. You know what they call alternative medicine
That’s been proved to work? Medicine.” — Tim Minchin, Storm.

Pseudoscience is dangerous. Pseudoscience leads people to decline modern, tested, efficient medicine, in favour of treatments that have not been tested for safety and either don’t work or haven’t been proved to work.

Unfortunately, others are harmful and can seriously injure those who use them. This behaviour is often forced on children by well-meaning parents, who have fallen victim to the lies of scam artists. These children, too young to consent, are the real victims of the pseudoscience agenda.

The currently rising trend in the field is ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ (MMS). Invented by Jim Humble, it is a dilution of 28% sodium chlorite – industrial bleach. When ‘activated’ it forms chlorine dioxide, a strong oxidizer and bleaching agent.

There is no scientific basis behind it ,it is nonsensical babble, and yet those selling it claim it can cure HIV, cancer, hepatitis, and autism, among others, and desperate patients and parents find false hope in these claims.

The people selling the bleach recommend “3-4 MMS drops every hour, plus 1 drop of 5% hydrochloric acid activator per MMS drop for 10 hours per day”  so it comes as no surprise that the internet is scattered with personal anecdotes such as this one.

An online personal anecdote

An online personal anecdote (click to view higher quality image)

It is obvious that this ‘treatment’ is causing injury, but despite this and many examples like it, there are few regulations that govern the sale of substances claiming medical benefit and the sale of MMS remains within the law.





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