Double chin sufferers, keep your chin up!


Got a bit of double chin fat? Well keep your chin up, for there is good news for you.

A new injection has been designed in the US, specially designed to combat excess chin fat. The makers of the jab, Kythera Biopharmacueticals, exploit the major function of a naturally occurring molecule in the body known as deoxycholic acid. This is a chemical which works, via emulsification, to break down dietary fat.

They have taken the characteristics of this molecule and produced a similarly designed man-made synthetic chemical, known as ATX-101. Following testing on over 1600 people during clinical trials, the injection is predicted to become available as soon as May 2015.

And if it does get approved, it will be the first injection of its kind to be used in a cosmetic purpose.

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I have held a love for science ever since I first encountered Biology at A-Level. Ever since then, I have studied an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science at The University of Reading before completing my masters in Biomedicine at Lancaster University last year. I currently work as a medical copywriter and work alongside a number of pharmaceutical companies, so I am consistently up to date on medical research.

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