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The diet of Homo naledi

  Homo naledi individuals chipped their teeth remarkably often, with far more fractures than nearly all studied hominin populations (humans and closely related fossil species). This is among the first evidence to be presented on...

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The Power of Fasting

Fasting, as a religious practice, has been a part of human traditions for centuries. It is mentioned in all the holy books including the Bible, the Qur’an and the Bhagavad Gita. In today’s increasingly...

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The Eatwell Plate - Public health england

Resolve to Evolve

Oh hello, January detox-fitness-resolutions, I almost forgot about you. Following on from my previous articles about persistence with those healthy resolutions during the winter chill, we’re approaching a crossroad in many people’s fitness/diet path....

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Can diet control cancer development?

Diet, physical inactivity, and obesity may be related to up to 30–35% of cancer deaths. Thus link between diet and cancer has long been investigated by researchers and dietary factors are considered to be having a significant...

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