Author: Lauren Wright

The Eatwell Plate - Public health england

Resolve to Evolve

Oh hello, January detox-fitness-resolutions, I almost forgot about you. Following on from my previous articles about persistence with those healthy resolutions during the winter chill, we’re approaching a crossroad in many people’s fitness/diet path....

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I heart evidence - by Sense About Science

Uncommon Sense

Always, always, ask for evidence! As young kids we constantly ask questions – the whys and hows of life fascinate us – but often our progression through school quells this sense of curiosity. Not...

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Exercising Your Planned Behaviour

“This year, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna run.” We all know that regular exercise comes with a truckload of benefits. Not just better general health, but improvement in depression, lower work absenteeism, higher...

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The Race to Habitual Exercise

As the cold weather descends upon us, the days are getting shorter, food is getting heavier, and the thought of exercising sometimes seems, well, insane. With such seasonality, we tend to change our exercise...

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