Author: Rebecca Davies

Artists impression of Philae's touchdown on Comet 67P. Image Courtesy: ESA/ATG Medialab

Philae comet lander awakens from seven-month slumber

The European Space Agency’s Philae lander is awake, communicating with Earth and “ready for operations” over seven months after entering hibernation on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko following an unsuccessful landing. Philae –  the first craft...

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Image Courtesy: NASA/Crew of STS-129, Released into the public domain | Wikimedia Commons

Russia extends International Space Station commitment until 2024

The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) has outlined its plans to continue its commitment to the International Space Station until 2024 and conduct manned missions to the Moon by 2030. An official statement from Roscosmos announced that the space agency would...

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