Author: Paul Hattle

European Data Relay System (Credit: ESA)

‘EDRS’ Set To Revolutionise Satellite Communications

According to the latest UCS database (1/31/15), there are currently 1265 operational satellites orbiting Earth. These are responsible for delivering a diverse array of services, from planetary observation/space science, through to technology development and...

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Gravitational lensing cluster, Abell 1689, and target galaxy A1689-zD1 (zoomed box) (Credit: Nature)

Reionization Zone Galaxy Reveals Highly Evolved Characteristics

Using a multi-instrument methodology, Danish astronomers have discovered a young galaxy in a surprisingly advanced evolutionary state. Situated on the edge of observable space, deep within the ‘epoch of reionization’ (EOR), A1689-zD1 has a calculated redshift of...

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The underlying 'Strange Nonchaotic Attractor' of KIC 5520878 (Credit: Physics World)

Golden Ratio Defines New Class Of Variable Star

Using data from the Kepler Space Telescope (KST), and specially devised ‘model-independent nonlinear analysis’ techniques, a team from the University of Hawaii have discovered a new class of variable star that has unique fractal (strange)...

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Diamonds Are A Quantum Memory’s Best Friend

A Canadian team report the successful implementation of a bulk diamond for quantum processing/memory purposes. Utilising THz-bandwidth single photons, researchers were able to reliably store and retrieve quantum information at room temperatures that could...

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quantum cat

In Search Of The Quantum-Classical Boundary

Physicists have long-sought to understand the process of wave function collapse: the transitional phase on a quantum objects evolutionary timeline that marks a state change from superposition to macroscopic definiteness, famously outlined in 1935 by...

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