Author: Meenakshi Iyer

Three Parent Babies: Britain approves new regulations

Warm brown eyes or a fiery temper aren’t the only things that can be inherited. Many families suffer from the legacy of genetic diseases like brain disorders, blindness  or muscular dystrophy. A new amendment to...

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Arctic sea ice increases in volume

It’s good news for polar bears and climate enthusiasts. CryoSat-2 has revealed that Arctic sea ice for the months of October and November 2014 now stand at 10,200 cu km. This is sharply up from...

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Lend me your ears

The Chinese Terracotta army is a familiar sight the world over. Nearly all of us have marvelled at the amazingly life-like poses and expressions of the 7000 odd clay statues that stand guard over Emperor...

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Make love, not war

            Looking at photos of other people being cared for tamps down the response of the brain’s threat monitor, the amygdala. New research at the University of Exeter has...

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