Author: Max Sanderson


Visualisation Makes Perfect

  It’s long been known that visualising a task at hand can lead to improved performance but how does it fair against actually practising the said task? According to a recent paper from Vanderbilt...

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"This won't hurt a bit"

The Importance of Being Vocal

  There aren’t many things in life that are as momentarily unpleasant as stubbing a toe or – even worse – stepping on an upturned plug. But scientists are now realising the effects that...

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The Power of Price

Can the price of a bottle of wine affect how we perceive its flavour? Neuroscience says yes! It’s long been known that consumers can be tricked into rating a cheap wine as more flavoursome...

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The Joys of Language Acquisition

Arguably the key to modern humankind’s evolutionary success, the ability to communicate effectively through language is a wondrous skill. But why are we so keen to learn new words? And how does our brain...

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The Power of Curiosity

It will come as no surprise to anyone that things are easier to learn when there’s curiosity involved. With that said, the brain circuitry and neural mechanisms underlying this learning phenomenon have remained largely...

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Mum’s Best Friend

Coined as ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for centuries, canines are an undeniable part of modern human society – but are they more than just friends? A new neuroimaging study from the Massachusetts General Hospital would...

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