Author: Liam Hayman


The Life of a Researcher

With research and clinical work both in my mind for the future, I decided that I needed to look into this more. I decided that I needed to get truthful and blunt answers. Having...

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Why is Celebrity Endorsement so Powerful?

    A recent study led by Steven J Hoffman (Steven J Hoffman, 2015) has compiled 104 separate studies on celebrity influence to determine the mechanisms behind the power (be it positive or negative)...

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Why are we over-prescribing antibiotics?

A team from the VU University Medical Center, Netherlands have undertaken a study to decipher a key issue in the current climate of the antibiotic scare. The concept is not new and it has...

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World AIDS Day, 2011

HIV/AIDS – Is it still a death sentence?

As World Aids Day approaches (1st December) I asked myself, has anything changed? Has the prognosis improved for people living with HIV/AIDS?   AIDS was first significantly observed in 1981, known as ‘The 4H...

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From Thoisoi2,

The Magic of Science

For context, I reside in the UK, so this may not be the same for people living in other countries and I sincerely hope that that is the case. A workshop that I will...

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