Author: Jamie Doherty


Ocean Temperatures Higher Than Expected

Temperature readings from the southern hemisphere suggest that previous measurements dating back to 1970 may have been inaccurate, leading to the full extent of global warming to be underestimated. Paul Durack and his team...

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Carbon Weather

An article recently published in New Scientist has highlighted the growing success in linking extreme weather events to the human contribution on climate change. The methods used generally involve simulating the weather system and...

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cheshire cat

Quantum Mechanics Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

Quantum mechanics already hosts a number of strange quirks and baffling behaviours, wave-particle duality and Schrödinger cats to name just a couple. But the latest phenomenon to be observed is more akin to something...

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NASA Launches Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

Last week, NASA launched its first dedicated carbon dioxide observing spacecraft. Named The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2), the craft is a direct replacement for the original Orbiting Carbon Observatory built in 2009. The original...

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