Author: Daniel Edgcumbe


Voting methods and cortisol levels.

Voting methods and cortisol levels. Several previous studies on political participation and voting have indicated that there is a correlation with changes to the neuroendocrine stress system. Cortisol is a neuroendocrine glutocorticoid that is...

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Piano Skills and the Brain.

  Piano Skills and the Brain. The production of various sensory-motor repertoires in human behaviour can aid in the acquisition of a diverse skills range. The ability to play the piano, guitar and violin...

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Art appreciation and the brain.

Art appreciation and the brain.  One popular idiom states that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Research from over the last fifty years in psychology and neuropsychology give evidence that aesthetic appreciation...

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Spider phobias on the brain.

ERP correlates of attention in spider phobias. One of the most well known and common specific phobias is the fear of spiders. Spider phobia has a prevalence of 3.5% in the general population and mainly...

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The Brain on Music

The Brain on Music. The brains ability to process music has remained fully unknown in the academic community since it contains many complex aspects. Much of the research into auditory neuroscience has investigated differing aspects...

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