Author: Aaron Kandola

Science Nutshell Sleep

Naps Improve Memory Performance

A team of researchers at Saarland University have demonstrated that a power nap can have a beneficial impact on memory performance. For centuries now, any clear consensus regarding what the exact function of sleep...

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Sleeping Brain Capable of Understanding Words

For the first time, a team at the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique in Paris appear to have demonstrated that the brain can categorise words, despite being asleep. The idea of being able to...

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The Physical Benefits of Mental Exercise

Researchers at the Ohio Musculoskeletal Neurological Institute (OMNI) suggest that the use of mental imagery can improve skeletal muscle strength. Simply imagining oneself kicking a ball or clenching a fist, elicits a surprisingly analogous pattern of...

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Sleep and Spatial Memory in Humans

Sleep disruption found to impair spatial navigational memory performance in humans, according to a group at the New York University (NYU).   It is estimated that we spend around 23 years of our life...

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Video Gaming to Improve Cognitive Abilities

Playing action video games like Call of Duty, can lead to improvements in the acquisition of sensorimotor skills according to a recent study at the University of Toronto.   For the past couple of...

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No Myelin, No Learning

The crucial role that myelin plays in learning and retaining new skills has been confirmed by a study just published in the journal Science,from a group at the University College London (UCL).   In...

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